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Everything we do is driven by advertising!
Front and Center
We are a Oklahoma-based advertising firm that specializes in developing highly personalized, dynamically monitored, multi-channel advertisements that deliver intimate experiences that promote engagement, generate trial and develop loyalty. All of our services are available, unbundled and on-demand.
Real-Time Advertising
We offer a true balance of expertise in both traditional and technology-based marketing services. Carousel Advertising is a full-service, on-demand, next-generation advertising consultant.
Help Me Help You
As we promote our business to local businesses through the presentation of our services we will also be promoting your business.

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The Benefits?
All advertisements will be viewed from open until close which will provide added opportunities for promotion of your brand, increased sales and service, retaining current customers as well as attracting future customers.
Advertising is totally unnecessary. Unless you hope to make money. ~ Jef I. Richards

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Ted Rogers


Carousel Advertising can help you promote your business and increase your visibility to potential customers with branding exposure to your local audience through the placing of your ad on our INDOOR DIGITAL BILLBOARDS which are located in high traffic venues such as Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores, Hotels and more throughout the community.